In 2020 - 2021 Catherine  contributed two essays for Laura Knight ; A Celebration book to coincide with an exhibition of the same name at Penlee House Gallery and Museum, Penzance.

Catherine also wrote an essay on "The Meadow Studios, Stanhope Forbes and the Newlyn School Legacy" for a book The Story of Anchor Studio to celebrate the renovation of this studio in Newlyn in 2021 owned and managed by the Borlase Smart John Wells Trust.

From March 2004 - March 2008 she researched and wrote a book/ catalogue Catching the Light: The Art and Life of Henry Scott Tuke (1858 - 1929)  published by Atelier Books/Fine Art Society, for which she received grant funding from the Paul Mellon Foundation for Studies in British Art and the Quiller-Couch Memorial Fund.

In 2001  Catherine was commissioned  by Penlee House Museum and Art gallery to write Under the Open Sky, The Paintings of Newlyn and Lamorna Artists 1880 - 1940 in the public collections of Cornwall and Plymouth.   Published by Truran in October 2002. Re-printed for a second edition in June 2007.

Catherine has written articles on Cornish art for Inside Cornwall Magazine from 2001 - 2009.
She wrote articles on aspects Cornish contemporary art and craft for Cornwall Today magazine 2000 - 2002 and she wrote articles on Cornish art for Galleries magazine 2000 - 2002.

She is also the author of the entry for Henry Scott Tuke (1858 - 1929) for the New Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press.

Catherine can offer articles on a broad range of subjects not just on Cornish contemporary and historic art but on walking in Cornwall, and she can supply her own photographs.

Catherine can also write historical biographies of artists and exhibition catalogue essays for contemporary artists.

Catherine became a member of the Society of Authors in May 2008.

To contact Catherine about her books or to commission writing from her please contact:



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