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A Tale of Two Barbaras:
Barbara Hepworth and Barbara Tribe

In this lecture, we at the work of two female sculptors who made Cornwall their home for much of their lives. Barbara Hepworth (1903 – 1975) represented Great Britain in the Venice Biennale in 1950 was awarded a CBE in 1958 and was made a Dame in 1965. The other was Barbara Tribe (1913 – 2000)  was Australian and was a talented figurative sculptor. She became a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Sculptors in 1953. She taught at Penzance School of Art from 1948 - 1988. She returned to Australia on many visits in later life. We look at the similarities and differences in the work of these two pioneering female artists.

Dame Barbara Hepworth (1903 - 1975):
Sculptor, Mother and Modernist

One of the leading lights in the modernist movement in British art, Dame Barbara Hepworth was a pioneer in a male dominated art world. Competing with fellow Yorkshireman Henry Moore, for much of her career, this lecture looks at how Hepworth developed a unique style and became an international name in art. We look at how the Cornish landscape inspired her work and her relationship with artist husbands Skeaping and Nicholson and her four children. We also analyse Hepworth’s sculpting techniques as well as her paintings and prints and how her garden in St. Ives, Cornwall became a Museum for her work.

Dame Laura Knight RA 1877 - 1970

This lecture/half study day surveys the art of one of Britain’s most prolific figure painters. Her style of painting and variety of subject matter is explored from student days in Nottingham to her powerful paintings of the Nuremberg trials of 1946. Her time in Cornwall from 1907 – 1919 is featured as the light, landscape and artists there had a powerful effect on her art. Her obsession with capturing performers both at the ballet and the circus in the 1920s and 30s is analysed along with her portraits of gypsies. Her important years as an official war artist complete this overview.

Women Artists in Cornwall 1880 - 1940

Dame Laura Knight and Dod Procter, are two well known women artists to feature in the history of Cornish art. But there were many who came before and after them, who have been forgotten often because of their more famous husbands. This talk looks at the many women artists who came from as far as New Zealand to capture Cornwall’s charms.

Colourful Characters: Laura Knight’s Models

In this lecture we look at some of the many models Laura Knight painted  throughout her career and stories of some of the more colourful characters. They include children such as Phyllis Crocker, fellow artists such as Elieen Mayo and Ella Naper who along with professional models posed for Laura’s paintings of the nude. Also included are stars of the London ballet, such as Pavlova  and the theatre. We also look at some of the personalities from the circus including the animals as well her beloved gypsies. We end with models Laura painted during the war including Ruby Loftus.




Photograph of Dame Laura Knight by Bassano © National Portrait Gallery
Photograph of the Forbes School of Painting
Photograph of the Forbes School of Painting
Photograph of the Forbes School of Painting