Cornwall as an inspiration to H.S.Tuke

Having come to Falmouth as a boy, Tuke returned after completing his education to live and work in Swanpool in 1885 where he remained for the rest of his life. His association with Cornwall was reflected in his portraits of its people, it’s shipping and coastal views.

In Search of the Sun -
Tuke and his travels

Tuke was a frequent visitor to the Cote D’Azure and the Italian Riviera visiting friends in their villas such as the Dalrymples and painting watercolours. He also loved to visit Venice. His biggest adventure was in 1923 when he went to the Caribbean and sailed from Jamaica to Belize. Take a journey, as we travel with Tuke to sunny destinations, captured so beautifully in his paintings

Paupers and Princes -
Tukes approach to Portraiture

H.S. Tuke earned his living from painting Society portraits commissioned by aristocrats and businessmen of the day, but he also painted Cornish people, especially youths who were the subject of many of his figure paintings. Hence, his portraits present a cross section of late Victorian and early Edwardian Society. This talk explores the diversity of Tuke’s portraits.

Socialites and Adventurers -
Tuke’s Women

Better known for painting men, this talk looks at Tuke’s many portraits and his relationships with women whether they be wealthy socialites, and adventurers, his housekeeper or members of his family.

The Great Outdoors - Tuke and His Contemporaries at home and abroad.

This talk places Tuke’s work in context with others of his time, especially as a British impressionist with particular emphasis on painting the nude figure outdoors. Other artists included are Alexander Harrison, Thomas Eakins, Edward and William Stott, Philip Wilson Steer and John Singer Sargent.

Before the Mast -
The Maritime Art of Henry Scott Tuke

This talk looks at the many paintings Tuke did of shipping in Falmouth and abroad - how he captured the last days of working ships propelled only by the wind. It also looks at Tuke’s love of sailing and the many boats he owned and raced in Cornish regattas.

Travels with Tuke

I have travelled far and wide in my search for works by Tuke from Scotland to Adelaide, Auckland to Munich. In this talk I look at the collections both public and private and how Tuke’s work came to be in them.



H.S.Tuke  Seated Nude © Private Collection
.S.Tuke, Charlie Mitchell seated on the beach © Lander Gallery
Portrait of Ida Hamilton © Fine Art Society
H.S.Tuke, Study for Dinnertime © Lander Gallery

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H.S.Tuke, The Doges Palace, Venice © Private Collection
H.S.Tuke, Looking Out © Richard Green